Home of the Swelshies

Welcome to the home of the Swelshies!

Who are the Swelshies you might ask? Well, we are family of four with two nationalities: Swedish and Welsh. We currently reside in Sweden and from here we regularly set out to explore the world around us.

Here we write about our adventures; from little ones in everyday life to bigger ones travelling across the world with our two little girls. In doing this we hope to share both the positive and the not-so-positive experiences we have during our various adventures – as well as some general tips on travelling with kids.

If you are heading out in the big world with little ones in tow maybe take a look at our posts on flying with small kids and packing essential non-essentials – who knows, maybe you will find something useful 🙂

There will also be some posts on mum and dad life and all the joys and misfortunes that inevitably will happen when you have kids.

But its not all about the kids – there will also be a few posts dedicated to us adults – like lifestyle, food and exercise (which is needed due to our love of food 😀 ). If you like us enjoy the good in life but also want a healthy living then maybe see our post on what to bring and do in warm climates related to exercise.

Its an eclectic mix – as is our family – hopefully you will find something to enjoy 🙂

Travelling the world with two little girls